Trade-In Valet at Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Yulee, FL

Getting that down payment for a new car, truck, or SUV is difficult, and a trade-in vehicle can help tremendously. There are plenty of tools online that will help you determine what your car is worth, and this knowledge will affect how you look for your new car and what's within your budget. A good trade-in value can mean the difference between a 2017 model and a 2019 model, which would greatly affect your daily driving life. So, what's the best way to increase your trade-in value? There are plenty of factors, but these are the most important. Read on to see what you can do to increase your car's value for trade-in!

Clean Your Car

You never want to present a disgusting car to the dealership. One of the best ways to increase your trade-in value is to get your car professionally cleaned. It's a small investment that will dramatically improve its value. Spend that extra money to get it detailed, or simply pay to get the inside deep cleaned. You wouldn't host an open house with a cluttered, stained home. Don't do the same with your car!  

Catch Up on Maintenance

It's easy to let your car without maintenance when you're ready to buy a new one. You might question why routine checkups would be so vital when you're just going to get rid of your vehicle anyway. However, trade-in value focuses a lot on your car's condition. If you haven't gotten an oil change for a year, it's going to affect engine performance, which will consequently affect your trade-in value. Squeaky brakes and whining components don't make for an excellent impression either. You'll also want to show that you take care of your car properly. If you haven't had regular maintenance, make sure you invest in a routine checkup.  

Remove Personal Touches

Do you have tchotchkes hanging from your rearview mirror? Some bumper stickers on the back? These are going to knock down your trade-in value. Prospective buyers are looking for vehicles that can easily become their own. With your own personal touches, this is going to be difficult to achieve.  

Have Receipts

Make sure you have clear records of your vehicle's maintenance and accident history This can comfort prospective buyers who are worried about the car's past. A cohesive history will make it easier for buyers to see that your car is worth the investment, resulting in a better trade-in value. Just as your decision to buy a new car is heavily researched, your buyer will want to do the same.  

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As a 5-star dealership, we will give you realistic expectations for what you'll be receiving for your trade-in. Simply use our trade-in valet tool to see what you'll get. Our kind staff can also work with you to find the best car, truck, or SUV for your trade-in money. Stop by today and see what you'll receive for your trade-in!

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