Just because you're considering a new vehicle doesn't mean your current vehicle doesn't have value. On the contrary, your current car, truck, or SUV could have tremendous value when you use it as a trade-in vehicle. At Davis CDJR, we pay top dollar for high-quality, trade-in vehicles.

We've streamlined the process of trading your vehicle in with our cutting-edge valuation process. Getting started is easy -simply complete the form below and tell us about your vehicle. Once you do, we'll contact you to discuss the next steps.

Save Time by Trading Your Vehicle in at Davis CDJR

At Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, one of the most common questions we receive is whether it's best to trade your vehicle in or sell it outright to a consumer? While most people think it's more advantageous to sell the vehicle to a private consumer, this is rarely the case. For starters, when you trade your vehicle in at Davis CDJR, you'll save volumes of time - and time is money. 
If you were to sell the vehicle privately, you'd have to spend time advertising the vehicle. Then, you'd have to spend time showing the vehicle to different potential buyers. In the best case scenario, it could take you a couple of weeks advertising and showing to sell the vehicle. 

However, when you trade the vehicle in at Davis CDJR, you'll save tons of time. Simply complete the form to tell us about your vehicle then bring the vehicle to Davis CDJR in Yulee, FL for a physical appraisal, and you're done. From start to finish, trading your vehicle in can take hours vs selling it, which can take weeks. Most importantly, you can then use the trade-in value as a down payment to lower the amount you're monthly payments on your next vehicle.

Save Money by Trading Your Vehicle in at Davis CDJR

In addition to saving time, trading your vehicle in at Davis CDJR can result in substantial savings by reducing your tax liability. For instance, if you purchase a new vehicle for $25,000 and sell your trade-in outright, you'll have to pay taxes on the entire $25,000. On the other hand, when you trade the vehicle in at Davis CDJR, the trade-in value can be used to slash your tax bill as well as what you finance. 
Let's say you purchase the same $25,000 vehicle and have a trade-in vehicle worth $10,000. Instead of paying taxes on the entire $25K, you would only pay taxes on $15,000 ($25,000 - $10,000 = Davis Deals).  Simply put, when you trade your vehicle in, you can slash your tax bill, which equates to more savings for you.

Contact Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to Get Top Dollar for Your Trade-in Vehicle

When it comes to getting the most for your trade-in vehicle, the team at Davis CDJR will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are proud to offer top dollar on high-quality trade-in vehicles. Our customers come from all over the area to experience our fast, hassle-free trade-in process. Most importantly, you can get the trade-in process started today! Contact Davis CDJR in Yulee, FL today to get top-dollar for your current car, truck, or SUV.